Lefay Resorts Philosophy

The traditional concept of luxury has now been replaced by the new concept of overall wellness which is at the basis of the Lefay philosophy. All that glitter is not luxury, but it is everything that makes us feel good in its deepest way. The new Lefay Luxury goes beyond the realm of ostentation, opulence and mere aesthetics and integrates with ethical values: respect for the environment, enhancement of the territory, recovery of traditions. Everything, the SPA, the cuisine, the impeccable service and the respect for the surrounding, everything has been created for our own wellness.

In 2006 the entrepreneurial Leali Family, leading industrialists in the Brescia region for over half a century and founders of Air Domoliti, decides to focus on a new project: Lefay Resorts. The aim is to become the reference Italian brand within the international market of luxury wellness-oriented holidays; this entails the creation of an eco-resorts collection, conceived and designed according to the Italian Style & Living and satisfying the “new luxury” requirements. Their offer focuses on a new type of holiday experience that combines environmental sustainability, luxury accommodation and the finest spa experiences with all the style, charm and culture of Italy.

Furthermore Lefay Resorts offers a cosmetic line based on the exclusive wellness method that all guest can find at the Resort’s SPA: the Lefay SPA Method and a selection of extra virgin olive oils produced inside its own farms, you may bring home the flavors and scents of Lake Garda and Tuscany.